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Want to Get into Reality TV?

Press Release: March 17, 2017

The phenomenon of reality TV is not as new as you might think, but there's no question that it's big news and here to stay.

Before the Big Brother boom. Early reality TV stars got their breakthroughs on talent shows, local news and occasionally just by being a contestant on a game show.

These day's it appears that Andy Warhol's famous prediction that we'd all have 15 minutes of fame was in fact an understatement. Today there is literally no barrier to becoming a star and the reality machine is hungry for parts and all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Programme makers are on a relentless search for new talent and it can be a difficult task.

The Association of Accredited Entertainers (AAE) understand the importance of making sure your profile is visible. They’ve developed a Special Membership plan which is perfect for the reality starts of tomorrow.

So many of today’s reality TV stars are respected individuals with long and lucrative careers and all manner of endorsements, therefore this not so new sector of the entertainments industry is worthy of the recognition and effort the AAE afford it.

The Association of Accredited Entertainers offers any aspiring artists, who feels they have what it takes to be a star, the chance to take up an associate membership. Associate members have a tailored package of benefits similar to our full members and it is our aim to help them forge legitimate careers and find respect in an often volatile and difficult field.

The AAE is investing heavily towards becoming the 'go-to source' for production companies and researchers looking for the reality stars of the future.

The Association of Accredited Entertainers is the perfect platform for aspiring reality stars. The site gives each member a custom URL and biog page where they can host their show-reels, audio clips and photos. In short The AAE is the perfect place for new faces to let their personalities shine.

The Association of Accredited Entertainers mission is to ensure every casting director, production team and researcher knows exactly where to look for the reality stars of the future.

Reality TV candidates should checkout www.theaae.co.uk now and register there interest.

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