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Want To Connect With Customers? Then Try Interactive Touchscreens

Press Release: December 16, 2018

Nowadays, technology has become rampant and a fast used tool in the business world. Just like extravagant businesses, fast casual restaurants, mall retail stores and auto shops have now embraced the in-store technology of using interactive touchscreens. The interactive touchscreens been viewed in table-sized devices, wall mounted screens or stand-alone kiosks are empowering tools that control customers experience while in a store or restaurant. In other words, interactive touchscreens have found a way to connect customers to any type of business and thus increasing consumer network as well as customer loyalty.

In this case, the interactive touchscreens controls customers’ experience through giving customers what they want. Customers as well love interactive touchscreens because they are captivating, fun and engaging. Through its interactive aspect, touchscreens enable customers to connect more with a brand and create experiences through the purchasing process. As a result, by 2020, the growth of interactive digital display market is expected to be at a $14.96 billion.
Customers are not the only people who love the touch screen kiosk touchscreens, businesses are also in this category. Interactive touchscreens are a powerful tool and useful in the business sector. Businesses use screens to capture customers’ contact information, share messages and feedback with customers and build lasting relationships with customers. Similarly, using interactive screens shades a business as forward-thinking and committed towards embracing technology as the best tool to serve customers.
Benefits of using Interactive Touchscreens
Interactive touchscreens can be used in various ways by any business. Based on the type of business, target audience and objectives, interactive touchscreens can be used to; w
- Browse Menu and Catalogues
Days are gone when menus and catalogues were printed in brochures. Use of digital devices that displays menus and catalogues makes purchasing and ordering even easier for the customer.
- Demo Products
When products are created, they are meant to provide a specific service. However, at times it becomes difficult to explain to the consumer how that service is of beneficial, once the product is utilized. Therefore, with the use of digital signage, customers can watch demos or instructional videos. Thus they can see how a product works, browse its contents and see its final result.
- Place Orders
Relaxing time is enjoyable time, especially during the weekend. One of the best ways to relax is by browsing through a particular restaurant and ordering your favorite pizza, chicken wings or your favourite3-course meal. Interactive screens help customers place orders at their own comfort. Some businesses even offer home delivery services.
- Retrieve Coupons
One can use digital signage to promote discount sales or offers. Coupons are also a good way to enhance quick sale of products especially at discounted prices. A business can also take this opportunity to access customers email address or phone number as they sign up for business logistical purposes.
- Watch Content
A screen displaying useful information will serve as an eye captivating aspect to the customers. Customers can be entertained while shopping for their preferred brand sat your store or kiosk. Display relevant content in your screen and even make the services interesting by letting the customer have control over what they watch.
- Play In-Store Music
Music offers relaxation and entertainment. Music has a way of ‘calling customers’ to your kiosk or store- attracting customers. If you want your business to be always flowing with customers, then you have the secret. You can create an in-store jukebox loaded with songs. Then give customers to control what they play as they listen through the overhead music.
- Play Games
Games are not only a good catch in toy stores. Your business regardless of the product and services it offers can also benefit from play games. Games can also be included on your screens where customers can play and pass time while at your store. Games can also be customized to capture your product or brand. In this way, customers can connect with your brand while at the same time be entertained. This also creates awareness and markets your brand.
- Sign Up For Contests
Contests are also another way of creating interaction between the business and the customer. In the touchscreens, you can feature giveaways that customers will earn upon meeting specific conditions. You can include one or two prices to be worn. Customers will need tossing up using their contact information as a way of promoting participation.
If you need to elevate your customer’s experience and also earn a plus to your business, then embrace digital signage Dubai technology. The mentioned ideas are just a few guidelines of how you can use interactive touchscreens. You can play with your imagination and come up with creative experiences your customers will end up liking.

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