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Wahanda Introduces the MobDeal - Collective Buying Power for London

Press Release: January 19, 2010

How it works:
1)Using the power of collective buying, Wahanda negotiates special volume discounts with top spas, salons and studios to offer one exciting MobDeal every day from Monday to Friday.

2)The deal is open to everyone but is only available for 24 hours, and only comes into effect if enough people sign up for that days MobDeal (the number varies by day and deal).

3)Customers are encouraged to share the deal with friends via email and social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter because if the minimum number of purchases is not met, no one gets the deal.

4)Once a MobDeal has been purchased by the minimum number of customers, the unbeatable deal is officially live and is available for the rest of the day for anyone to purchase

The Wahanda MobDeal creates a win-win situation for consumers and for spas, salons and fitness venues by guaranteeing a minimum number of new customers to these businesses. Best of all, Wahanda is giving something back for every MobDeal purchase made, Wahanda will donate £1 to charity:water to continue supporting their great cause of bringing fresh water to communities.

The Wahanda MobDeal will launch in London on Monday, January 18th. During the week look out for exclusive 70% off deals from leading spas, a celebrity hairdresser, a Power Plate studio and more a different and exciting deal every day. Dedicated spa, beauty and fitness consumers can sign up to receive a free daily email at www.wahanda.com to be the first to get that days MobDeal.

For the first MobDeal and to sign up for your daily email visit www.wahanda.com

For more information or high res images contact Judy on press@wahanda.com

Notes to Editors

1.The first London MobDeal launches on January 18, 2010; Daily offers will range from spa, beauty, fitness and wellness brands and cover the best London has to offer

2.Why MobDeal? Like a flash mob, people can come together, organise and achieve something more powerful as a group. Our deals allow people from all over the city to band together in a common cause great discounts on spas, massages, salons, manicures, yoga, fitness and more!

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Notes to editors

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