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w3Education Matches Students with their Dream Schools and Educational Programs

Press Release: November 14, 2016

w3Education is fast becoming the online gateway for students who are searching for their dream schools and educational programs. The website aims to assist prospective students in choosing a campus or online degree program that best fits their educational aspirations.

“Our ultimate goal is to match students with degree programs that suit all of their educational and occupational needs,” according to the w3Education website. The online resource categorizes programs based on students’ passions and interests, which make it easier for them to look for their dream school. Categories include: Art and Design, Business Studies, Communications and Media, Computers and Technology, Culinary Arts, Education and Teaching, Engineering and Architecture, Fashion, Information Technology, Interior Design, IT Certifications, Legal Studies, MBA, Medical Studies, Nursing, Technical Studies, and Web Design.

The w3Education website also provides a Career Guide section for each category. The career guide provides an in-depth analysis on the educational requirements, job descriptions, potential salaries, employment figures, and other information. Through this guide, a student who is hoping to pursue a career would be better acquainted with his or her chosen field in the future, and make a wise educational decision in the present.

Aside from career guides, w3Education also provides a School directory that lists campuses by state, by subject, and even by degree type. “Our school directories feature over 100,000 traditional and online degrees which will help launch careers in just about every industry imaginable,” the website announces. This Education directory gathers a huge network of universities, colleges, and schools that offer associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree educational programs. With just one click, students can compare different educational programs side by side, while choosing their dream schools.

Each school in the w3Education directory boasts of high quality education, career counseling services, and even job opportunities. In addition, most of the programs also offer career services and job placement for those who successfully complete their degrees. Asking for school catalogs and brochures is also made easier, as the website contains “request information” links that students may use in contacting the different campuses and Business schools.

For students who need to know more about the US education system, w3Education features a student guide, citing that “applying to and paying for school an be a headache for many prospective students.” Through the website’s “Student Resources and Information” section, would-be students can get acquainted with the application process, Online MBA programs, school fees, and finance guides. The section also contains many background information and plenty of articles about school systems, degrees, and admissions. Moreover, for students who are planning to study online, the website presents an “Study Online” section where they can obtain information about degrees that are offered through online or distance education.To learn more, visit http://www.w3education.org

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