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Press Release: September 21, 2020

Vydehi Cancer Center has taken diligent efforts to continue the cancer care for its patients amidst the COVID pandemic. The enforcement of stringent health-safety measures has ensured zero COVID-19 positive cases among its patients since March 2020.

The doctors at Vydehi insist on not delaying the cancer treatment in the epidemic's wake since cancer is a life-threatening ailment. When the doctors deem fit in rare cases, patients are prescribed oral drugs as an alternate treatment.

Implementing COVID precautions is a two-sided process. Both hospitals and patients need to take proper safety measures.

The first step that patients need to follow is to get an appointment. On the day of the appointment, only one person who is well-versed with patients' medical history should accompany them to avoid overcrowding. Both the patient and their caretaker should wear masks for the entire duration of their stay at the hospital.

The hospital has the additional onus of keeping the environment COVID free. The following measure at the premises assures the cancer patients of the same since we know the criticality of cancer patient care.

  • Our staff at the desk and wards wear masks the entire time. The doctors use disposable gloves during patient examination and discard them once the investigation is completed.
  • The examination table is sanitized after each patient visit to ensure the health safety of all patients.  
  • Both doctors and staff sanitize their hands frequently, as suggested by the medical norms.

The most crucial factor that the hospital follows is social-distancing. Appointments are provided to patients, and they are strongly advised to keep their schedules to avoid over-crowding in the treatment area and waiting area. The patients are tested for COVID on their arrival before starting the treatment. In case the patient tests positive, the doctors change the treatment protocols and switch to teleconsulting and suggest the remedial measure which the patients are suggested to follow without fail.

Continuous and efficient cancer treatment without compromising on safety is the aim with which the Vydehi Cancer Center treats its patients.

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