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Voucherify.io starts 200 OK — a free online tech magazine for CRM Managers

Press Release: January 07, 2021

Katowice, Poland – 07/01/2020 – Voucherify.io announced today it has started a magazine for CRM Managers, called 200 OK

“We've been helping digital teams bury the hatchet between developers and marketers for 5 years now and what we've noticed after onboarding hundreds of customers is that successful marketers or CRM Managers are the ones who understand technology,” says Tomasz Pindel, CEO of Voucherify.io. 

Being tech-savvy allows CRM Managers to embrace new approaches to decision making and innovation, and thus optimize marketing campaigns. This in turn translates to gaining respect and, ultimately, promotion. While there are a lot of general materials about how to learn to code or analyze data, there are much less resources about skills useful for day-to-day CRM operations.

200 OK is a magazine that aims to help CRM Managers learn the necessary tech skills. It consists of articles explaining new technologies and technical concepts, use cases with low- to no-code tools that can be easily used by non-developers, interviews with industry experts who share their tips and tricks on how to learn the necessary skills for the role. 

About Voucherify.io 

Voucherify empowers marketers and developers with flexible API to come up with, implement, and track targeted promotional campaigns. Voucherify.io is an all-in-one MACH promotion management software that requires minimum developer effort to integrate, offers plenty of out-of-the-box features and integrations, and is designed to empower marketing teams to quickly launch and efficiently manage coupon and gift card promotions, giveaways, referral, and loyalty programs. Voucherify.io offers support throughout the customer journey, from collecting customer data through campaign creation and distribution to tracking. 

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