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Voth Nixon Group to shut down VNX Small Cap Discovery Fund to New Accounts

Press Release: May 26, 2015

VNX Small Cap Discovery Fund pursues long-term increase of its stock by investing a minimum of 77% of its assets in securities of businesses with modest market capitalizations. The fund has been managed by Mr. Dinsha Sarwar since its inception.

“Mr. Sarwar has accomplished outstanding results managing VNX Small Cap Discovery Fund during his term”, said Ludwig Voth, Chairman and CEO of Voth Nixon Group. “Thanks to his efforts, investor inputs into the fund have increased and assets have almost doubled over the past year and a half to $1.3 billion”.

“We consider that shutting down VNX Small Cap Discovery Fund benefits the general interests of the fund’s shareholders. By taking this measure and preserving capital circulation will help the Voth Nixon Group in continuing the fund’s constant track records”, concluded Mr. Voth.

Current shareholders that own a portion of the fund will still have the possibility of adding to their accounts. Business-sponsored pension plans and specific discretionary plans provided by qualified investment consultants should be able to access additional accounts for investors in case the fund is established as an option.

For clients that might consider a small cap fund, the Voth Nixon Group provides supplementary options which include: VNX Stock Selector Small Cap Fund (retail and Advisor share classes); VNX Small Cap Value (retail and Advisor share classes); VNX Small Cap Stock Fund; VNX Advisor Small Cap Fund; VNX Small Cap Growth Fund (retail and Advisor share classes); and VNX Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund.

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