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Voters look to IT for improving patient healthcare

Press Release: March 05, 2010

The poll of over 1,200 people from across Britain also revealed that 89% think that it is possible to increase efficiency within the NHS, but only 25% believed that this could be achieved by increased spending.

There has been growing public anxiety over the effect on patient care since Health Secretary Andy Burnhams admission in September that the NHS needs to save between £15 and £20 billion. However, last week, former head of strategy at the Department of Health, Penny Dash, claimed that spending cuts within the NHS need not necessarily affect quality of care, and that existing funds should be directed to efficiency-driven initiatives such as increased utilisation of information technology.

Mark Miller, MD of Dictate IT, commented: We already work with 27 NHS Trusts across the country, and are expecting to see this expand, as more Trusts recognise the value of IT in making their budgets go even further whilst also improving performance.

Further reinforcing a widespread desire for improved efficiency, the research also revealed that 65% of the public would vote for outsourcing of NHS administration, if the result was extra funding for patient care.

Miller continued: From both a clinical and an administrative point of view, NHS Trusts that invest in digital dictation and transcription systems are seeing rapid returns. They are more efficient without compromising on security, resulting in better front line care for patients, and as this research proves, efficiencies using IT are being driven from the patient side as well.

Dictate ITs patient data management platform seamlessly integrates dictation, speech recognition and transcription of doctors notes, delivering a hybrid solution that is bespoke to the Trust and can be assimilated into existing systems. With workflow securely managed online, the NHS is able to provide better patient safety, comply with legal requirements for document turnaround times and reduce backlogs, and all at a significant and sustainable cost saving.


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