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Vortex Exhausts whipping up a storm with DC Autos UK Danny Cross as their only Gymkhana driver!

Press Release: July 16, 2016

A very exciting announcement on both parties as Vortex Exhaust Technology based in Gray’s, Essex and owner of DC Autos UK, Danny Cross have both been caught up in the twister of advanced technology and extreme motor-sport madness!
With such a good product presented in the board room and the opportunity to use it to its full advantage, C.E.O Barry Mead and Danny Cross have hatched a plan of sponsorship and dealership. Competing this weekend at the famous Wembley Stadium, Danny will be flying the Vortex flag with his brand new 3 inch straight through Vortex Race Flo system. With a well established name within the motorbike industry Vortex will be making a fast transition with backing Danny into the motorsport world, first stop Ace Cafe Stunt Fest 17th July!
Vortex™ raceflo resonator is our performance stainless steel simple custom fit exhaust system for race car owners and racing enthusiasts who want to improve their car engines’ performance characteristics.
With a Vortex™ raceflo exhaust you'll get at least a 10% increase in brake horse power (BHP), and more than a 15% increase in torque (NM). This is in addition to all performance gains resulting from any other improvements made to the engine.
Unlike any other exhaust system, our patented Vortex™ technology vacuums exhaust gases out at high speed. This lowers back pressure, allowing your engine to run much more efficiently. If your car has a turbo, a Vortex™ raceflo exhaust will eliminate turbo lag. The results will amaze you!
Make sure you are following Danny and Vortex on social media, track side @dancross58 @dcautosuk www.DCAutosUK.com @vortexexhausts

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