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Volcanic ash shadows the fate of compare travel insurance quotes from providers!

Press Release: April 20, 2010

This development, by any means, does not augers well for British aviation industry along with travel insurance industry that have remained at the receiving end for quite some time now. Meanwhile, all the ash that has erupted from the volcano has reduced visibility drastically, thus grounding flights of several airlines.

Going back to losses part, people who until few days were visiting leading price comparison portals to Compare Travel Insurance policies, have now stopped visiting, costing these websites dearly. However, one Good News that has come out from these developments is the fact that the growth in sale of health insurance policies has been observed. In fact, more and more people are now coming forward to compare health insurance quotes from various providers just to be on the safer side, after speculations of a possible pandemic did rounds, following the volcanic eruption.

Overall, it has been a bad phase for the insurance industry especially for the ones (read: price comparison portals) who are offering a chance to compare travel insurance policies to their clients. Although, with demand for health insurance policies rising, it is believed that this will definitely compensate for the losses which has been incurred by providers and mediators in the process of disaster.

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