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Vodafone offering HTC Legend on a £20 per month contract

Press Release: April 14, 2010

This news is surely going to bring a smile on to the faces of all mobile phone lovers. Vodafone has decided to launch a cheaper contract deal for the HTC Legend. Instead of paying £25 per month, now you only need to shed out £20 per month out of your pocket to avail the HTC Android based aluminium cased Legend.

Earlier, I heard that Vodafone is giving the Legend free of cost on a 2 year £25 per month contract. Besides a free handset, the subscribers are also entitled to get 600 minutes, 500MB mobile internet and unlimited texts. But now, I came across the news which says that Vodafone has reduced the price of the HTC Legend from £25 per month down to £20 per month. However, the duration of the contract remains the same. So as per the new plan, we only need to pay £20 per month for 2 years and enjoy the benefits of HTC Legend. In addition to a free handset, we will also be getting 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB mobile internet.

Some people are seeing it as a strategy to stay alive in the competition with other merchandisers such as Play.com, which is selling the same phone unlocked for £369.99, and many others. If it is true then I must say that this feeling of competition amongst different merchandisers is really proving beneficial for the buyers.

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