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Vodafone offering HTC Legend on a 2-year contract

Press Release: April 07, 2010

Today mobile phones are not meant for merely communicating any message from one person to another but instead they have become an inseparable part of our lives. While going to office, we can forget anything but not our mobile phone. The main factor which grew their popularity is the introduction of the advanced technology features in the palm sized device. As far as the most awaited mobile phones of 2010 are concern, the HTC Legend is surely one of them.

Quite obviously, if it carries so many interesting features and functions then its cost is going to be a little more than other handsets available in the market and it is not necessary that everyone can afford to have that much of money. But now even these people can afford to have the Android 2.1-powered mobile phone by signing a 24-month contract with Vodafone.

The HTC Legend is now available to pre-order from Vodafone and once you sign the terms and conditions of the contract then the device can be expected to reach your doorstep by April 6. The mobile phone doesn't cost anything. All you need to pay is a nominal charge of £25 per month and upwards. Even if you subscribe for the lowest tariff then also you are entitled to get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data a month.

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