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Vocab Tunes offers 3-5th Grade Reading Program to Enhance Your Kids’ English Vocab

Press Release: August 02, 2017

Vocab Tunes presents with a musical learning program for improving reading for 3-5 grade Kids

Southgate, Michigan – Aug 1, 2017: Vocab Tunes — the out-of-the-box vocabulary building platform introduces a structured product for 3-5th grade kids. Comprising a workbook and CD/DVD with 21 root-based music videos, this will help your children improve their English scores in a fun-filled manner.

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Michigan educationist Manisha Shelly Kaura along with her father Dr. S. R. Kaura were deeply concerned about continuous decline in the vocabulary skills among country’s students after reading a report published by the US Education Department. Therefore, they started conducting a research for more than 10 years and finally came to the conclusion that a serious lack of root words knowledge was the main cause for poor vocabulary. So, to bring improvement and enhance vocab skills, they constructed a vocabulary building program — Vocab Tunes. This online learning program introduces the concept of using Latin and Greek roots for improving word knowledge among kids in a musical way.

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In the recent times, research has proven the fact that young minds learn faster when content is present to them in a musical way. Therefore, Vocab Tunes has come up with its 3-5th Grade Workbook W/CD learning program that facilitates the improvement of English vocabulary along with comprehension skills. Including a workbook, CD and DVD with 21 exclusive upbeat songs, this product helps 3-5th grade kids to learn comprehension in a fun way. Each chapter in the workbook has a chapter introduction, which clearly indicates the root word or words to be discussed. Apart from this there are examples also that give an overview about the usage of the corresponding roots for the further creation of other words. The song lyrics consists of Latin roots with prefixes/suffixes that further enhance the learning power of the child. There are also quizzes that comprise of word definitions and word parts ensuring your child is able to grasp the meaning of the roots.

A BA degree holder from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Manisha Kaura says in a recent interview, “When it comes to learning words, students get indolent but they instantly get active if you make that learning a fun activity. Therefore, we introduced the concept of Vocab Tunes to help kids fall in love with learning new words through music and dance other than monotonous classroom activities.”

Apart from creating four-level K-12 vocabulary program for kids, she along with her father have authored two vocabulary textbooks named ‘Rockin’ Root Words Book 1 and Book 2’ (Prufrock Press, 2010) to help young minds enrich their vocabulary skills.

About Vocab Tunes:

A father-daughter duo initiative, Vocab Tunes, aims at making learning root words an easy and fun activity for schoolchildren. An advocate for educational reform in Michigan and Ohio, Manisha Shelly Kaura along with her physician father Dr. S.R. Kaura started this online learning program to help kids stock new words and expand their vocabulary through singing and dancing.


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