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Vocab Tunes Focuses on Fun Workbooks for Improving Kids’ English Vocab

Press Release: August 23, 2017

Hey Kids! Improve English scores by learning new words with the help of Vocab Tunes’ K—8 Grade workbooks

Southgate, Michigan – Aug 22, 2017: Vocabulary plays a huge role when you are learning any language, especially English. As time goes by, new words come into existence, and hence, it becomes important for kids to learn those new words. But learning should never be forced; it should be something that is fun-filled and easy to grasp.

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Comprising workbooks and CDs, Vocab Tunes’ products are specifically meant for K-8 grade students. These workbooks have 21 educative songs based on different root words derived from Latin and Greek sources and affixes. Being musically aesthetic, the kids can enjoy the songs as well as learn vocab words at the same time.

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After reading the report released by US Education Department about the growing decline of vocabulary knowledge among school kids, education reformer Manisha Shelley Kaura decided to address this issue. Along with her physician father, she started to conduct different researches to know the real cause of this continuous downfall. She found that the lack of root words knowledge was among the main causes. Therefore, the father-daughter duo developed a well-structured K-8 vocabulary program for helping kids to learn vocabulary words fast.

A Xavier University, Cincinnati alumnus Manisha believes, “Singing and dancing is a whole mind/body experience, also students are more interested in learning through music and songs other than monotonous classroom activities. Therefore, while preparing our Vocab Tunes’ programs we focused on making it a melodious learning activity.”

About Vocab Tunes:

A father-daughter duo initiative, Vocab Tunes, aims at making learning root words an easy and fun activity for schoolchildren. An advocate for educational reformer in Michigan and Ohio, Manisha Shelly Kaura along with her physician father Dr. Sita Ram Kaura started this online learning program to help kids stock new words and expand their vocabulary through singing and dancing.


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