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VOCA Fire & Security: Providing Efficient Water Mist Systems For Residential Purposes

Press Release: May 04, 2020

VOCA Fire & Security (https://vocafireandsecurity.co.uk/) is pleased to provide its clients with their affordable water mist fire suppression systems. Their ICO system is easy to install and tailor-made to suit the requirements of residential properties.

The ICO water mist system is a perfect alternative to fire sprinklers in everyone’s homes. By using smaller amounts of water, it creates a fine mist to put out fire while reducing water damage. With this feature, all valuables within a room will receive way less water damage than using sprinklers, which is especially helpful for huge furniture and appliances that are difficult to move. The ICO water mist system is also quick to react whenever fire breaks out, cools easily, and reduces smoke damage, making it suitable for fire emergencies.

VOCA Fire & Security creates and designs its ICO water mist system using the latest cutting-edge technology. For easy installation, the company uses an adjustable, small hydraulic hose and secure fittings, all while having flush nozzles for a discreet appearance. This design allows property owners to easily upgrade from traditional sprinklers to water mist systems, with minimal changes to the architectural design of the building.

When it comes to testing the device, the company has created the system with a self-testing pump unit. This feature helps ensure that the product is functioning properly with less hassle. Maintaining the device is also easy and inexpensive, given that its components can withstand corrosion.

VOCA Fire & Security has a team of fully-trained and qualified experts who are knowledgeable about the proper and safe installation of the ICO system. According to them, “Where the system is being fitted retrospectively into a completed building, there are several other aspects that need to be considered. These include the safety of the works, the risk to existing residents, tenants or other building users, and the structural integrity of the existing building”.

Aside from water mist fire suppressors, this company also offers a wide range of security systems and can perform electrical installations. To know more, head to their website now at https://vocafireandsecurity.co.uk/.

About VOCA Fire & Security

VOCA Fire & Security is a company based in Northwest of England. It is committed to providing a list of comprehensive products, from fire suppression, nurse call, to all kinds of security-related systems. With their team taking pride in over 20 years of experience, they can properly accommodate various sectors, such as commercial, retail, education, and more. Their engineers are qualified to carry out designing and installation of the products to ensure their efficiency and safety. For written enquiries, interested parties may send them an email at info@vocafireandsecurity.co.uk or fill out their contact form at https://vocafireandsecurity.co.uk/contact. Likewise, call them at 01942318003 to speak with a representative.

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