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VIVO Healthcare Conferred with QCI-DL Shah QUality Award for 'Delivering Solutions in Healthcare Education and Emergency Response'

Press Release: August 13, 2015

VIVO Healthcare, Asia’s leading Healthcare Training and Education Company, is proud to announce that it has been felicitated with the prestigious QCI-DL Shah National Award on “Delivering Solutions in Healthcare Education & Emergency Response.” The Quality Council of India (QCI) and the D.L. Shah Trust awarded VIVO Healthcare this award under the Large Scale Units - Service Sector category. The QCI-DL Shah Award was presented to VIVO Healthcare at the 10th National Quality Conclave held in New Delhi.

VIVO Healthcare creates community awareness in the field of healthcare by training participants in critically important areas such as road safety, disaster management, first aid, pregnancy and neonatal care.

VIVO Healthcare’s efforts have led to significant improvements in the quality of pre-hospital emergency care in the country. VIVO programs teach people, including school students and people from the community how to deal with various emergency situations that they may encounter.

"The QCI-D.L. Shah Award recognizes organizations that have been touching community and making a positive impact with its quality initiatives. VIVO Healthcare has been one of such organizations and its activities in the field of emergency and medical healthcare is what made it stand out among others. The assessment team has found their efforts very adjuvant for people attending these initiatives. After attending these sessions, participants become an asset to the community. We are sure the company’s leadership continues to focus on innovative practices for building awareness," said spokesperson, Quality Council of India.

“This recognition and award will encourage VIVO Healthcare to branch out and reach deeper in the community. Not just in the field of medical emergencies, VIVO Healthcare has also been helping to build capacity in other areas such as neonatal care and pregnancy. Driven by the motivation to make India a safer place, VIVO Healthcare programs ensure that each and every individual knows how to respond to a medical emergency situation” said Vikas Tripathi, VP-Corporate Communication, VIVO Healthcare.

About VIVO Healthcare: As a leading healthcare training and education company, we offer best in class job-oriented programs to help launch careers. Our programs are accredited by various respected organizations in the field of healthcare and are recognized by some leading employers in the medical sector. Besides career-oriented programs, we also offer health, safety and life support training programs for corporates, schools and healthcare providers. Each of our programs is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of our target group and meant to give both practical and theoretical skills required to save someone’s life!

About Quality Council of India: The Quality Council of India (QCI) is a pioneering experiment of the Government of India in setting up organizations in partnership with the Indian industry. The Mission of QCI is to lead nationwide quality movement in India by involving stakeholders for emphasizing on adherence to quality standards in all spheres of activities primarily for promoting and protecting interests of the nation and its citizens.

About QCI – D.L. Shah Quality Award: The QCI-DL Shah Quality Award has been instituted with a view to promote awareness on performance improvement through quality initiatives. It is given for specific projects which have to be submitted in the form of case studies. The Award recognizes successful projects (in the form of case studies) of an organization that have resulted in continuous improvement of its products and/or services, better and effective operations as well as increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction.
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