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Vivid Sydney 2019: Things to keep in mind!

Press Release: March 21, 2019

More people than you can imagine
Although people seem to glorify the festival a little too much on social media, the truth of the matter is that the entire town of Sydney gets hectic during Vivid Sydney. It is not that the displays or the other events during Vivid are bad, (because it’s the best package that Sydney can offer) but the crowds that get to people and get them irritated. Just last year, some 7.1 million people attended the festival and that number alone should give you a fair idea of how crowded the streets can become. A crowd-favourite alternative to staying on the crowded streets of Sydney is to go for a Vivid Sydney cruise, where one gets to view the best sights of Vivid Light installations, and enjoy a delectable meal and a beverage, depending upon the cruise chosen.
Ridiculously overcrowded streets
The spectacle of light, music and ideas is getting more famous by the passing year and has unquestionably become the most popular event in Sydney calendars second to only Sydney NYE Fireworks. This has lead to overcrowding of streets by enthusiastic tourists trying to catch a glimpse of whatever they can within the small time window of their holidays. The Opera House and Harbour bridge are two most famous attractions during Vivid but other areas are just as spectacular! Lesser crowd and better views are ensured at locations such as the Customs House or Circular Quay station platform, and these are usually safe bets. If you don’t like crowds, there’s a better option for you to view the beautiful installations of Vivid Light!
Vivid Sydney Dinner Cruises
One of the best options to view the displays of Vivid Light is to go on Vivid Light cruises. These dinner cruises will cover most of the Light installations, and you will also get to enjoy a meal plus a beverage according to the chosen package. Enjoy the sights as you wind down aboard one of many cruising vessels on Sydney Harbour! The main differences between the cruises are the quality of the food and the number sights covered, so do take of note of these before booking! Go for a reliable operator and you are guaranteed to have a good time!
The Best time to visit Sydney
As you might have already guessed, the last weekend of Vivid is possibly the worst option if you hate crowds. One of the first few days is the best time to visit Sydney during Vivid, and if you have no options than to visit during the weekend, try going later in the night, on a Saturday or Sunday rather than Friday. This is because families usually head home by nine-ish and the displays are on till 11 at night. Also try not to visit too many sights in one go, as the festival lasts over three weeks.
So there you have it. Plan your trip in advance and try toc avoid weekends. If you really hate crowds, go for the safest bet: a Vivid Sydney Cruise
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