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Viva La Resolution!! Don't wait until New Year to change your life!

Press Release: December 19, 2016

Viva La Resolution!! Two ex-Punk rockers and a former Burlesque dancer aim to change the face of Self Help audio this New Year as they release over 800 hours of hypnotic and Mindful audio to a resolutionary audience.

The brainchild of recovering alcoholic, Stuart Newman and hypnotherapist Healer, Mick Crudge, a small collaboration on a handful of Hypnotherapy scripts snowballed into project that contains over 75 hours of voice over audio. Hollie Kamel was drafted in to give a strong female presence in the product.

EnTrance - the gateway to a new you, is launched just prior to the new year and contains two years worth of work, in over 1700 products.

EnTrance has three different and distinct voice over artists, and is tailored into four main groups, : Therapy meditations (for stopping smoking, anxiety, confidence, etc), Relaxation (does what it says on the tin), Gym Health (make the New Year exercise regime a little less boring and sort your anxiety issues out whilst you're at it) and Tones (Meditate to a specific frequency to attract that into your life and being).

EnTrance is collection of single downloads, taking a minimal 50-80mb on your personal media player and can be listened to anywhere - without a subscription or extra software installations.

Having studied closely, exactly what makes recordings by revered hypnotherapists such as Paul McKenna, Paul Scheele and Micheal Sealey so effective, Newman spent two years collaborating the expertise of hypnotherapists, NLP & Audio professionals to bring what is one of the largest collections of professional broadcast quality Hypnotic relaxation audio anywhere in the World.

Newman says of the product: "We're trying to take something that we love and make it accessible and cheap for those that it will benefit."

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