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Visual FoxPro Development Migration: Legacy Software your Business Requires

Press Release: October 23, 2020

While many professionals today focus on excelling in the trendiest technologies, there are few lost legacy software, where the major development business lies in - Visual FoxPro being one of them. Fox Technologies released Visual FoxPro in 1984. The company merged with Microsoft in 1992 and in 1995, Visual FoxPro 3.0 was released. This was the first ‘Visual’ version, which added to the development environment & created a dedicated developer’s community who kept on using and extending the language even after Microsoft discontinued it in 2010.

As this legacy software has stayed for a fair 26 years in the development business, there are millions of developers and companies who have built and developed applications on Visual FoxPro and are still dependent on its sustenance for their businesses. Many well-established companies who have been doing exceptional business in their respective industries for a couple of decades are looking for an experienced Visual FoxPro development partner who can maintain, extend or migrate their applications to newer technologies. These companies are even willing to pay the desired price for such collaboration, as this legacy technology is quite specific and ‘mission-critical’ for their business. 

Talking about the importance of Visual FoxPro development, Parmod Kumar Aggarwal (PK), Head of Technology-Apptread says, “It’s rare to find a talented or competent partner who can look after your applications developed using Visual FoxPro. While developers today are more interested in trendy technologies, Apptread has found its Eureka moment and gained a very special place in the market with its unprecedented Visual FoxPro development and migration services. Today we provide these services to leading healthcare, real estate, and financial services firms that either need FoxPro support or are looking to migrate to new-age technologies. Our VFP specialists are capable of managing FoxPro technology across multiple projects and geographies, which makes us suitable for critical collaborations”.


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Apptread (https://apptread.com/) is a leading custom software development, cloud services, and digital transformation company that helps leading brands and companies in reinventing their businesses with a result-oriented approach. They have helped a multitude of enterprises with the right blend of experience and technology. Their processes are customer-centric and process-driven, designed to reduce the cost of operations, address challenges, and offer a competitive edge.

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