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Vinfotech Launches Fantasy Sports Framework - The Bedrock of Successful Fantasy Sports Platforms

Press Release: April 18, 2016

The biggest challenge for any fantasy sports business today is the ever changing market dynamics and unexpected user persona. There are various elements that make this business so taxing and interesting (at the same time) and plays a very important role in the success of any fantasy sports business. These major elements are geographies, compliances, scalability and distinctiveness.

The best way to overcome these challenges is complete flexibility and control over the fantasy sports application with a team who understands the game, the business and the vision behind it. Vinfotech is the custom fantasy sports development company, that sports and industry leaders from around the world reach out to when they are looking for a highly engaging, interactive and unique Fantasy Sports Application.

The Fantasy Sports Framework

Vinfotech with its experience and expertise has developed a strong framework that brings 100% customization and complete reflection of business ideas. The fantasy sports platforms built over this framework are simply unmatched as they are backed by cutting-edge technology and an innovative team who are fantasy sports players themselves. Think of anything in the world of fantasy sports, be it adding sports and leagues or plugging multiple data feeds and multiple payment gateways or handling compliances or a mobile strategy application or developing diverse marketing and engagement models.

1. From Sports to e-Sports, from politics to economics
Name the sports & league you want to have and we will have it up and running in no time. This is possible because of the endless capabilities of our scalable framework.

2. Compliances and Regulations
With the recent developments in the global fantasy sports market, it is of utmost importance for applications to adhere to regulations followed in targeted geographies. Our framework is built considering guidelines of all major compliances and regulations. This gives stakeholders absolute freedom to take their application to the world.

3. Data Feeds & Payment Gateways
We understand the importance of data feeds and payment gateways and also how versatile these can be with changing geographies. Our experience working with all major sports feed providers and payment providers clearly reflects in our framework that is completely flexible when it comes to integrating them.

4. Mobile Strategy
Be it drafting or live games, going Mobile from day 1 is a perfect plan. It is imperative to cater to sports fans who follow their games on the go. Take your fantasy game play to millions on mobile with our native mobile capabilities.

5. Multilingual
Target the world and not a region. With unlimited language support in our framework, the platforms delivered by us speak the language of end users (fantasy players).

6. Marketing and Engagement models
We have your post launch strategy in place. Be it ad modules or affiliate systems or loyalty systems. Anything and everything is possible with our state of the art fantasy sports framework.

Vinfotech specializes in premium custom fantasy leagues development for web and mobile platforms and has delivered more than 35 projects in the last few years for clients across the globe. We believe in End User Empathy. Our highly refined UX skills ensure fantasy league solutions that are simple and fun to play on.

For more details get in touch with us at www.vinfotechsports.com

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