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Vigrx Plus Undergoes Clinical Trial at Vedic Lifesciences Lab: The Scoop

Press Release: February 04, 2021

Leading Edge Health, Makers of Vigrx Plus Partners with Vedic Lifesciences PVT LTD for a Clinical Trial to prove it's product effectiveness
In a market where most male enhancement pills are just placebos, Vigrx Plus a successful product with a decade of track record decides to take it a step further. How?

 They employed the services of a private clinical trial company called Vedic Lifesciences to run an independent trial on Vigrx Plus Pill, this is a bold move.

 Check the results here!
We at Shaglonger can confidently say that Vigrx Plus is one of many male sex pills that has done this type of tests, most male enhancement product manufacturers rely on third party research done on individual herbs and ingredients
How was the clinical test carried out on Vigrx Plus?

 Vedic Lifesciences solicited the consent of 75 men for 84 days, they gave half of the men who were from ages 25 to 50 Vigrx Plus and the other half were given a placebo pill

 The results after 84 days came out as a long 56 page report

Results of Vigrx Plus Trial at Vedic Lifesciences

 The results came out positive in every way possible. Some of which were

  • A 71.43% increase in sexual and intercourse performance
  • A 47% increase in overall sex drive and desire

Why Vigrx Plus is better than most other Male Enhancement Pill

 Other than the independent clinical trial done on Vigrx Plus, there are other things to look out for like

It's Clinically Engineered Formula:

 Vigrx Plus offers a cutting edge men's sexual and reproductive health formula, this is evident in the clinical trial carried out.

 The formula contains herb for different aspects of men's health making it a well rounded product for the enhancement of both sex and overall wellness

Optimized Dosage Maximum Absorption:

 This ensures you get the full benefits of each individual ingredient in the formula. The average supplement only offers an absorption rate of about 40 to 60%.

 But Vigrx Plus gives you up to 91% due to the specific ingredient added to the formula that ensures this

Highest Quality Ingredients:

 This supplement contains a premium herbal blend of ingredients that date back to the Mayan times, so you know you are getting the best in terms of quality

Maximum Ingredients Used:

 Vigrx Plus also contains the right amount of herbs needed to get the job done, unlike other supplement makers who try to cut corners to increase profit

 This supplement does not, that's why it is more expensive than the other male pills available today

1.       It can help men get stronger harder erections

2.       Boosts libido and sexual drive to increase sexual cravings

3.       Help you get in the mood for sex anywhere anytime

4.       Helps you enjoy longer sexual performance and mind blowing orgasms

5.       It can help you with prostate health, a common problem among men from their mid 30s

6.       It reduces refractory time, meaning time it takes to get an erection after ejaculation

7.       It can increase penis size of men who have micro-penis or shrinked penis

Dosage: How to use

 One Pill to be taken twice a day, can be taken with a glass of milk or just plain water

If you have a history of heart related disease, please consult your doctor before taking this product

Are there any Side Effects?

 There are no proven or document side effects or complaints so far, but some of the ingredients used in the formula may cause some problems for some men especially those with heart related conditions

Herbs like Hawthorn Berry & Gingko Biloba used in vigrx may not be suitable for such men. Why?
Hawthorn Berry has been known to cause the following issues

·         Potentiates digitalis activity
·         Increase dilation in the coronary which is an effect of theophylline
·         It has caffeine and papaverine
·         It also high in sodium nitrate
·         It has adenosine and epinephrine
·         Increases barbiturate induced sleeping times

Gingko Biloba has also be known to cause bleeding

Vigrx Original: Be Wary of Counterfeits

 This supplement has been in existence for over a decade and being a successful product makes it an easy target for imitation

 On Amazon for instance, 90% of the sellers on there source their products from China, a country known to be the production hub of the world

 They have been active in almost 70% production of the world's commodity, they have virtually every experience and know how and can easily come up with a counterfeit of a product according to your specification

Where can you Buy Vigrx Plus

 Best bet is to buy directly from the manufacturer's website to avoid any issues whatsoever plus you can get exclusive deals and discounts
You also get
·         A very user friendly website to navigate
·         Discrete buying and shipping, the billing on your bank statement shows up as something else
·         Safe and secured shopping with the best security in the world

Vigrx Plus is truly a premium male enhancement product which has sold over 1.2 million boxes since 2007, it is medically endorsed and recommended.

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