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Video Production in Liverpool for City Jewellers

Press Release: April 06, 2010

Wongs Jewellers are a family run jewellery store, specialising in custom design creation. Situated in the famous Mathew Street, Liverpool and with over thirty years experience, they are a highly skilled and respected jewellers.

As a current client of ours, and having done previous video work with Wongs, they pitched the idea to create a follow up video, specifically targeting the custom jewellery service they offer. The idea was to show the entire process of the jewellery creation, from the initial discussions and sketches from the customer, to the 3D modelling and machinery in action, to the presenting of the packaged item to the customer. The majority of the filming would take place in the workshop with the staff demonstrating the machinery, while other scenes would include actors posing as a couple purchasing the item.

A storyboard was created with approval from the client, designed to show the steps described in the brief, along with onscreen text that would accompany the footage and describe the process in detail.

Filming was scheduled, which was done on various days over a period of three weeks to allow the creation of the ring to take place, giving a true example of custom jewellery creation. An actor and actress were used to pose as the couple purchasing the ring. Their scenes were shot in Wongs Jewellers for the initial discussion scenes, while the presenting of the ring took place at the beautiful 'Chaophraya' restaurant.

Once filming was completed, the video editing process began back at our studio. Drafts were sent to the client for content approval with any amends carried out. Graphic overlays were designed and a professional voiceover was written and recorded to accompany the on screen text. This allowed the video to be displayed and understood both on sources with sound, such as on a computer with speakers, and on sources without audio, such as a shop window display where passing by customers can view and read. Royalty free music which captured the elegant style of the content was included, finalising the video.

The video production was rendered in full HD quality, ready for upload to YouTube, which allows high definition content streaming. Various other formats were encoded, for upload to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with key phrase optimisation, and to be displayed on the Wongs Jewellers website.

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