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Video Merger Build a Space for Imagination

Press Release: August 20, 2015

Google announced a major restructuring of enterprise architecture and establishes the company Alphabet which contains Google’s original Google search, YouTube video platform, R & D departments as well as other subsidiaries Calico packaged. Alphabet can be understood as the Group’s head company. Larry Page continues to serve CEO of the chief company and Google founder Sergey Brin serves as another president. Google will report to Alphabet. Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google, will serve as the new company Google CEO. Alphabet will replace Google to become a listed entity. By this unexpected news, Google's stock rose 6 percent in after-hours. That the market welcomes Google's reorganization is because it will bring more imagination.

Google's reorganization brings more imagination, continues to get fresh blood and improves more people’s lives. Thus, we should restructure something of our life, maybe there will be surprises. As the picture, now they are basically saved in the computer or cell phone, and occasionally turned out to see. Better we will wash out the picture, mounted on the album, occasionally have a look. But we often do not have time to take care of. A lot of photos on the computer overload the storage to watch; album picture quality will be damaged for long time.

Therefore, we may use AllPepole Merger to combine photos to make electronic album. So you can automatically play, pictures on the show will display to us in a row. If you think seeing pictures is too monotonous, you can add music / audio. Touching or sad or happy music will make you a different mood.

In addition to the reorganization pictures records our life, we can also use AllPepole Merger to merge video and audio. As long as you select any two or more video / audio files, and soon after, the video you need will belong to you. Compared to the previous single video / audio, the combined video and song skewers give you another kind of feeling. In fact, the recombination of Google and AllPepole Merger is to bring a sense of freshness for our life. Let us use familiar things reorganize to give us more room for imagination and make our life better.

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