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Video Interview for a Faster Recruitment Process

Press Release: November 20, 2020

Video interviewing software swift your hiring schedule to a digital platform, screen and shortlist the candidates remotely, minimizes the needs of an in-person interview, and makes hiring faster, which is highly appreciated among businesses as it increases business growth.  Jobma is a leading video recruiting platform, which helps the hiring managers and companies to enhance their hiring ability and screening faster than ever before by screening a lot of candidates at the same time.

Jobma connects you with a lot of candidates, create a global talent pool for you to hire the best-talent for the positions working remotely, which makes the interview process faster and more convenient and improve quality of hire. 

In this time, when companies are shifting their hiring process on a digital platform to safeguard their staffs and applicants from corona pandemic Jobma video interviewing tool help you to continue your hiring and maintain recruitment remotely without compromising the quality of hire. It reduces your interview schedule, makes screening automated, and shortlists the candidates based on descriptions in the job. 

Jobma charges just $1 per interview and offers free demo to its clients. If you are also looking for online recruiting software, opt for Jobma. You can also visit the official website of Jobma and request for a free demo to check the compatibility of the software with your HR team.

How can Jobma video interview make your hiring faster?

Jobma Video interviewing tool makes your interviews asynchronous and ends the obligations of the hiring managers to join in the interview process in real-time. And the hiring managers can record the interview questions once for all, which makes hiring faster, convenient and automated. Here let's see how Jobma helps you make hiring ability better and faster: 

Saves time in travel: Jobma video recruitment software makes your hiring automated by providing you with an opportunity to post jobs on an online portal, send auto-reminder for the interview. And review & score the candidates remotely, which reduces the time taken in complete hiring schedule and make it faster than ever before. 

Allows even time tighten candidates to appear in the interviews: Jobma allows even a time tighten candidate to join in the interview process and record their responses remotely, which increases the candidates turn out rates in the interview and improves the quality of hire. It also offers an opportunity for the candidates to explore better career option conveniently. 

Reduce recruitment schedules in the recruitment process: Jobma online recruiting platform directly connects the hiring managers to the candidates and minimizes the role of mediators, which reduces the hiring schedule in the recruitment process and makes hiring quicker. 

Hence, we can say if you are opting Jobma into your HR ecosystem, it will help you save your investment and logistics in the hiring process by making it remote-based and automated. It makes your recruitment faster and more convenient for both interviewers and applicants by working remotely. It also makes your hiring team tech-savvy, effective and automated.

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