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Victory Chauffeur Expands Fleet Vehicles with Rolls-Royce Ghost

Press Release: March 01, 2018

London, UK – February 26, 2018 – Victory Chauffeur introduced Rolls Royce Ghost, a new luxury sedan which provides more fleet vehicle selection and luxury options for consumers. This top-class luxury sedan hosts top-class comfort and style, and customers can look forward to the oversized and lavishly appointed cabin that offers sufficient legroom.

“Our vision for 2018 is to be the most reliable ground transportation service in a new era of mobility and consumer expectations. Catering to customer’s needs of providing more options and flexibility with more vehicle to choose from is part of our core strategy,” said President and CEO Sabeel Iqbal of Victory Chauffeur. “With Rolls-Royce Ghost, we now offer customers a luxurious and comfortable vehicle option at their fingertips.”

With the Rolls-Royce Ghost, customers can look forward to:

1. Luxury & Style: Rather than trawling various vehicles options, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is more than just a sleek and classic sedan with its lavish interiors. The minute a customer slides in the lavish back seat of the Ghost, a fine leather with chrome fittings await.

2. Ease & Convenience: You can expect nothing but high-quality when it comes to the Ghost. With media-friendly coach doors, rear seat with rich leathers, fine wood, sufficient high-tech information and entertainment system. Passengers can just sit back and relax during the trip.
Having a chauffeur service ensures convenience towards its riders.

3. Reliability & Security: The Ghosts is equipped with engaging driving dynamics and notably upgraded navigation system. A vehicle driven by a dependable chauffeur, this ensures maximum reliability and security.

Victory Chauffeur aims to provide the most exquisite fleet choices to cater to the different transportation needs of the customers. For more information about fleet vehicle options, visit https://victorychauffeur.co.uk/

About Victory Chauffeur

Victory Chauffeur provides the most reliable professional chauffeur service at the most competitive rates in the United Kingdom. We guarantee our full rates at the time of booking covering all fees, taxes, tolls and tips. Victory Chauffeur’s premium service integrates customer service with real-time control of thousands of top-notch vehicles.

For more than two years, Victory Chauffeur has been providing exceptional ground transportation service for business travellers, diplomats, couples to be wed, chartered airline, and individual leisure travellers. With its exceptional service, Victory Chauffeur has been one of the trusted and number one choice of providing a quality chauffeur service in the United Kingdom.

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