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Press Release: November 20, 2019

Pleasant welcome to all around the globe to attend Conference on Veterinary Medicine that is venerable for the past, precious for the present and innovative for the future to be slated in Dublin, Ireland on May 18-19, 2020.

We are here with refreshing theme for this year as “2nd World Congress on Veterinary Medicine” to underpin the broad range of participants in the field of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Health, Animal Welfare etc.

Veterinary Medicine 2020 will be your best choice to meet the wider assemblage of attendees from all over the world. Participate, exchange the innovative information’s, and mingle with the most emerging and potential scientists, doctors and professionals to explore more in the field of Veterinary Medicine by creating an impact on the need for development and realisation the companionship between the animals and humans by getting recognition from the illustrious organizing committee at this two days event.

Reach us at Veterinary Medicine 2020 with a unique conversation on the tracks Animal welfare, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Forensics, Dairy Farming, Veterinary Internal Medicine and more.

Join and explore your thoughts at Dublin, Ireland.

Vision of the meeting:
Veterinary Medicine conferences major goal is to provide exclusive wide variety of research topics to update all the participants with innovations & developments in the field of Veterinary sciences. Our conference ultimate vision is to spread the awareness and need of safety & protection of animals. The speciality of Veterinary Medicine 2020 is Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Knowledge and Animal welfare.

Who can attend the conference?
Veterinary Medicine 2020 will provide a wide variety of platform to Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Clinic Teams, Researchers and Specialists, Veterinary Faculty, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Animal Sciences Faculty, Veterinary Students, Animal Science Students, Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Groups, Animal Health Companies, Veterinary societies & Associations etc.

Benefits of attending Veterinary Medicine 2020:
Deploy yourself as a Veterinary medicine expert
This offer an international platform for promoting your research ideas
Can gain knowledge about the recent innovations in the field of Animal Health & Veterinary Sciences
To get recognized in a global platform and discuss research ideas with the eminent medical experts
A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International allocation

Vital Features:
Effort to deliver highest standards in Veterinary medicine that exceeds the reckoning of our attendees
High levels of knowledge to maintain excellent research ability
Enchant with astonishing scholars across the globe
The sessions of Veterinary Medicine congress sets a highly innovative and cherished contribution to welfare of the animals
Career guidelines for budding young researchers and motivates them by young research forum awards
Unique platform for connecting around the globe
Prominent Focus which enlightens a new latitude in Animal Nutrition
Break out of your Comfort Zone
Join & support us to making this motive a huge success to bring awareness all around the globe towards the need of safety & protection of Animals.

Contact details:
Jessica Lois
Program Manager | Veterinary Medicine 2020
W: +44 1495 654015

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