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Veteran US M&A Business Brokerage forges partnerships with British cooperating intermediaries

Press Release: December 26, 2016

New York & London, 24th December 2016 – A long established value-added Mergers and Acquisition Facilitation Company with more than 100 M&A Intermediaries throughout North America has announced that it is expanding its presence in the United Kingdom with the view to partnering with British M&A Firms.

The Gottesman Company (www.gottesman-company.com) has over 30 years of business experience specializing in the Mergers & Acquisitions of businesses in the mid-market arena across all sectors including manufacturing, distribution, service firms, aerospace, communications, transportation, and healthcare.

”We are different from conventional business brokers as we do not represent either the buyer or the seller as a fiduciary agent” commented Eugene Gottesman, the company’s Chairman and one of only 20 Lifetime Certified Business Intermediaries. “We understand that most intermediaries are reluctant to share Seller fees. We understand this, so our Cooperating Intermediary Program is designed to help you find Buyers for your Sellers, in confidence, without sharing your Seller fee”.

Through its network, the company has approximately 1,000 Registered Buyers owning more than 5,000 strategic companies between them. Its M&A Brokers have an average of 30 years’ business experience.

“We look forward to building our network of strategic partners within the United Kingdom and welcome enquiries from Business Brokers and Intermediaries who might be interested in working with us”, observes Gottesman.

For more information and to arrange a meeting, call Gottesman Company’s UK representative Marc Jarrett on 07906786505 or email mjarrett@gottesman-company.com

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