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Veteran Comedic Actor Dorien Wilson and Christopher Martin Martin Star in New Comedy

Press Release: June 29, 2020

Comedic actor Dorien Wilson has had an amazing career starring in such series, as Martin, Dream On,  The Parkers, and In The Cut and Christopher Martin, once a member of the legendary rap duo Kid N Play, is best known for his roles in the House Party Series, are joining forces to star in the new comedy series Church Folks, premiering on The ON! ChannelToday.

The Comedy series is shot in the style of The Office and Modern Family and features an talented ensemble cast including Tiffany Edwards, Tommy Kyllonen, Shalla Valazquez, Ben Woods, Chan Davis, and Ariel Sanertelli .

Church Folks is a humorous and thought-provoking look at what happens behind the scenes of your local church. The series is Created by Deon Gibson.

"Ministry has always been a huge part of my life. Since 7th grade, when I volunteered to be one of the Wise Men in my church's Christmas play. Volunteering in that play opened up a whole new world. Ministry became a safe space to explore all of my creative gifts. In the following years, I spent time on the dance team, choir, drama team, I was the ministry photographer, graphic artist, and videographer... not knowing that God was using all of that to cultivate me for a career in filmmaking. With Church Folks, we wanted to show the positives of church/ministry. How it can change people's lives. I hear too often the negative things "church folks" do. I want to change that narrative and show the truly amazing things that "Church Folks" can accomplish when they work as a team," Said Deon Gibson (Green Grass, Home Of The Brave)

Church Folks series can be seen on The ON! Channel.


For more information visit https://www.theonchannel.com


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