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Vet Education and ASPCA announce the Online Toxicology Symposium 2019

Press Release: November 11, 2019

The ASPCA and Vet Education today announced the Online Toxicology Symposium 2019, where 4 Speakers will provide insights on various toxicology topics in an exciting series of webinars over 4 days. The webinars are RACE approved and qualify for 8 hours of continuing education globally.

“We are excited to bring the 7th edition of the Online Toxicology Symposium that will help veterinary teams from across the globe to gain access to 4 inspirational, live, and interactive lectures delivered by 4 esteemed experts and renowned international speakers in the field of veterinary toxicology!” says Charisma Judge, Director at Vet Education.

Topics covered in the Online Toxicology Symposium 2019 include.

- Management of Toxicities caused by Herbals and Supplements
- Management of Veterinary Drug Overdoses
- Management of Toxicities related to Illicit Drugs
- Management of Farm Related Toxicities in Dogs and Cats

The Online Toxicology Symposium 2019 will start November 18th for USA and Canada veterinary teams, and November 19th for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia veterinary teams. For more information, visit onlinetoxicologysymposium.com.

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