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Vestd launches ‘best in class’ referral scheme

Press Release: December 04, 2020

For free trees and Mexican wrestling suits, step this way

Vestd, the share scheme platform, has always done things a bit differently. 

Rewarding people fairly is a way of life for the company, so much so that their suite of staff benefits has become a benchmark of the industry.

This week Vestd has unveiled a new customer referral programme, and true to form, it offers rewards like no other.

“Sharing is in our DNA”

Vestd is an app that simplifies equity management. Share and option holders can easily log in to see the value of their slice of company pie.

Founder and CEO Ifty Nasir said: “Our company exists to streamline the process of sharing ownership. We believe that companies have a greater chance of success, when everyone who needs to contribute to it has some direct share of that success. With that in mind, our mission has been to make it as straightforward as possible to set-up and manage share and option schemes, by massively reducing the cost and complexity” 

“We wanted to create our referral programme using a similar ethos.”

“We wanted to do things a little differently.”

After placing staff happiness at the core of operations, the company decided to look outwards, to their customer base.

“We wanted our customer referral programme to be substantial, impactful” said Nasir. “We did a lot of research and it’s unfortunately the case that most companies, if they offer a referral scheme at all, it often constitutes something of little value.”

“From our perspective, it seems better to provide something of real benefit, or something that the person really wants, and to reward everyone involved.”

“We want to do much better than ‘the norm’ because after all, these are people who are taking the time to help us build our business. They should have a fair reward for their time.”

The marketing team set to work and came up with a formula for change.

“We did some analysis on our customer base, to figure out what they held dear to their hearts”, Nasir stated. “We have customers that you could define as techies, some that are proudly unconventional and we also have a lot of customers who care deeply about charitable efforts. We poured all of this into our final vision.”

Luchadores, flowers and cake 

After lively debate, Vestd came up with a list of options for referrers to choose from. If a person’s referral is successful, they can select their reward from a list.

There’s something to suit everybody and the list will be changed-up periodically, to offer new weird and wonderful things.

The current list offers:

  1. Vestd to plant trees on your behalf.
  2. A donation to your chosen charity.
  3. Receive a box of cake and other lovely sweet things.
  4. A generous Amazon voucher.
  5. AN ACTUAL MEXICAN WRESTLING OUTFIT (so that you can fulfil your dream of being a luchadore).
  6. Bouquet of flowers for you or someone you care about.

How to use the scheme

The scheme is now live and welcoming referral suggestions. Each successful referral will trigger the reward of the referrers choice.

Nasir said: “We are looking primarily for founders, or CEOs of SMEs who want to motivate and reward their team with shares or options. By unlocking the power of their equity they can drive growth and cultural change throughout their organisations.”

“Sharing ownership is truly one of the most powerful ways to energise an enterprise. If a person has skin in the game they’ll make the best choices for the company, which benefits everybody involved.”

“We want to help more companies realise their ambitions using their equity, so if you have somebody in mind who could use our help, send them our way.”

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