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Press Release: April 08, 2010

Vertical blinds continue to out sell all other types of window blinds. Regardeless of new technologies, blinds styles and innovations we British cant seem to get enough of them.

Why? lets be honest the are not the prettiest window coverings. Look at the current trends in home decorating roman blinds are making a huge comeback into fashion. This is largely due to new advances in textile making and designs, but also interior design like all design tends to have cycles, one month something is in and the next it is out.

However one window blind type has conssitenly bucked the trends and stayed in vouge year after year, thats the humble, yet practical vertical blind.

Vertical blinds are perfect for homes and offices, as the can be tilted to allow maximum light filteration to any room. This means that they are perfect for homes that need to protect furnishings and carpets, for offices, that need privacy and to reduce glare on computer screens.

Vertical blinds have changed very little in looks wise, too, they have sewn hems, stabalising chains and weights. These make them perfect for all rooms and doors.

We believe the main reason vertical blinds are the nations choice for homes and offices is that in comparison to other blinds styles they are extremly cheap, they are functional, but most of all they are easy to self fit.

So the next time you need some new blinds for the home or office, take a cloeser look at the humble vertical blind, you may be surprised.

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