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Ventaforce MLM Software Successfully Installed in 50+ Countries

Press Release: May 19, 2020

Ventaforce, the world's leading MLM software, has crossed the milestone of successfully installing 4200+ software in 50+ countries.

To become even a more prominent force to reckon in 2020 and beyond, Ventaforce is introducing high-quality advancements to multiple features. The direct-selling software is being upgraded to satiate the growing demand for network marketing technologies.


Ventaforce, developed by Sankalp Computers & Systems, is Numero Uno in the world's network marketing software. It is widely used in different countries around the globe. The software has over 150 scintillating features for promoting direct selling operations.


What's the latest in 2020 for Ventaforce?

Over the past decade, Ventaforce has set its differentiator by being an innovative solution for businesses that seek smooth and seamless expansion of their MLM networks. In 2020, the software is slated to fine-tune its existing features, making them more efficient within the changing dynamics of the direct selling industry.


On the distributor's end, the software is now available with modernized back-office features. More payment options are integrated to facilitate a smooth transition. The software is allowing distributors to look at the network genealogy with pop-ups on each member. 


Additionally, the software has made some critical changes in its desktop and mobile UI. Responsive UX technologies have revamped the usability of Ventaforce.


From the management aspects, the direct selling software has introduced several advancements. The distributorship business management toolkit is now equipped with inventory tracking technologies. Real-time data transfer has changed the operability of product & order management tools. Furthermore, the users may customize the metrics of the commission engine within the pay-out management tab.


Specifically, for inventory management, the software is allowing vendors to:

● Add new product categories

● Extend product lines

● Request stocks for bulk purchase orders

● Get reliable transport and courier facilities


The software has also introduced subtle changes to enhance the MLM franchise elements, like converting points to rewards and generating PCRs.


Ventaforce in 2020 and beyond


In 2020, the software will be tested out for scalability by migrating to cloud storage services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also play a key role in further improving the features of Ventaforce. 


The software will soon be equipped with chatbots and voice recognition technologies. Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are being deployed from the developers' end to analyse the consumption behaviour for sales forecasting.


Like previous years, Ventaforce will tap into new markets in 2020 and beyond. Reaching 50 countries is undoubtedly a milestone, but Ventaforce is not going to sit on its laurels as it plans to ramp up quickly to achieve a more prominent and broader client base across the continents to provide cutting-edge software and mobile app solutions for all the industries.


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