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VenoVision Selected for the Inaugural IP2 LaunchPad Taiwan-Israel Program

Press Release: June 09, 2020

From the Hebrew University Bench to the Patient Bedside in the Far East

Tel Aviv, Israel 09/06/2020 – VenoVision was selected to participate in the inaugural IP2 Launchpad Taiwan-Israel Program in 2020. VenoVision was one of only 25 Israeli start-ups chosen to lead the way in exploring opportunities in Taiwan and Asia.

VenoVision brings the power of Ethical Artificial Intelligence to detect early abnormalities in cardiorenal and cardiopulmonary patients at risk of fluid imbalance, perioperative deterioration, or shock. The device produces constant streams of data and uses artificial intelligence to uncover subtle, but potentially lifesaving, insights. Filling a vital data gap, it continuously measures and interprets specific Jugular waveforms, respiratory activity, skin color, and right heart function in ways that are impossible with traditional monitoring systems. The device can monitor hospitalized patients and then be taken home to continue daily supervision.

“Real-time data from patients give insights into their health and outcomes that are currently not being captured or analyzed by today’s remote monitoring systems. It directly competes with traditional highly-invasive products, providing decision-modifying data to improve patient outcome and guide them on their journey back from the hospital to their home and be part of a healthier community,” said Dr. Yevgeni Plotkin, MD - Medical Director at VenoVision.

Dr. Plotkin added, “VenoVision's remote monitoring and AI integrative solution is a breakthrough, non-invasive modality we have been waiting for, as our solution goes way beyond “pushing” data to clinicians. It will support data interpretation and clinical decision-making.”

VenoVision started as a student project at the Hebrew University’s BioDesign program, a multidisciplinary, team-based approach to medical innovation under the supervision of Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, Ph.D., Prof. Dan Galai, Ph.D., and Prof. Dr. Tal Hasin, MD. Since then, the project has run its first human trials, sponsored by Terumo Corporation, Japan, at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem.

By participating in the IP2 Launchpad program, VenoVision will gain access to medical industry leaders in Taiwan, to position itself in Asia for regulatory clinical trials, investment, manufacturing, and sales.

About VenoVision

VenoVision takes the power of ICU-grade biometrics to the whole new level of an Ethical AI-enabled Contactless Patient Monitoring Platform. VenoVision is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and affordable algorithmic-driven system to alert medical staff before a patient’s condition spirals downward. 

As a first Ethical AI company, VenoVision aims to promote Taiwan-Israel collaboration across all major stakeholders - from patients, patients’ associations, medical professionals and biomedical engineers, to clinical educators, healthcare policymakers, manufacturers and health insurers - working towards accessible, intrinsically safe and high-quality medical AI, solving unforeseen issues in the balance between pragmatism and idealism - Pedes in Terra ad Sidera Visus. https://venovision.com

About IP2 LaunchPad

The purpose of the IP² LaunchPad program run by i2i is to create collaboration between Israeli innovation and the technology and healthcare markets in Taiwan, to connect Israeli companies with leading strategic partners from the manufacturing and distribution industry, the health care system, research and development organizations and potential investors, as well as to establish the Asian Business and Innovation Center in Taiwan for the Israeli companies, in order to help accelerate their entry into the East Asian Markets.

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