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Venia International’s Sebastien Clamorgan: Eat’n’go expands further into Nigeria

Press Release: September 14, 2020

Eat'n'go continues with its growth plan after the Covid-19 lockdown: as part of a joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan 's firm Venia International, the Nigerian Group has recently launched its 110th store in the African country.

Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): the expansion of Eat'n'go in Nigeria

"We extend our immense gratitude to all our customers, partners, stakeholders and staff members who have shown continued love and loyalty to our brands since our arrival into the market in 2012": with these words, Eat'n'go CEO Patrick McMichael expressed his gratitude after the Group opened its 110th store across Nigeria. With this launch, Eat'n'go has moved ahead in its expansion, while strengthening its position as the leading QSR operator in Nigeria. The growth of the food & beverage Group is born out of Eat'n'go's continued commitment to extend its reach to more customers. The Group set itself up in Nigeria thanks to the joint venture with Sebastien Clamorgan's global firm Venia International, becoming the leading QSR operator in the country and the Master Franchisee of #1pizza brand Domino's Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery. This milestone comes after the two brands opened their 50th stores respectively in Badore Ajah (Lagos State). "Your unwavering support has kept us afloat even amid the pandemic", Eat'n'go said, "Being our costumer, your utmost satisfaction and comfort is at the core of our existence, and this is why we have decided to open a new outlet, to further bring our delicious and yummy products a step closer to you". In a joint venture with Venia International, the global firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan, the Nigerian food & Beverage Group started operating in 2012 and in a few years managed to achieve market leadership in the country. A big push toward the Group's successful results has been given by the long collaboration with Venia International, which, among the other activities, is active in building successful joint ventures and partnerships in Africa and the Middle East.

Opening the doors to successful market entry: Sebastien Clamorgan's Venia International

A reference point for the MENA region, Venia International plays a key role in building partnerships with international players, ranging from the fields of Shipping, Port Management and Port Projects, to those of Logistics and Food & Beverage. The global consulting and investment firm was founded and is still led today by Sebastien Clamorgan, a businessman and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of working experience and a deep knowledge in the areas of consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics, food & beverage, and real estate. Particularly focused on Africa and the Middle East, Venia International's mission is to open the doors for corporations' successful market entry. This is possible by providing specialized services that include market research, insights, regional business setup, business development, business intelligence, M&A and lobbying. The firm helps companies to strengthen their position in the reference market, as well as to develop successful business opportunities. In addition, Venia International supports global brands in developing strategic planning processes and growth roadmaps by providing strategic advice on the most viable approach for profitable business. The firm knows the importance of understanding market trends to impact performances and this is why, as an equity partner, it helps companies by providing a detailed understanding of which trends may impact performances and which business areas should be prioritized. As a result of its commitment, Sebastien Clamorgan's firm is experiencing a strong economic growth and boasts over 3,000 employees.

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