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Vemotion to be Integrated into Rapid Deployment Unit

Press Release: April 06, 2010

Vemotion to be Integrated into Rapid Deployment Unit

Private Mobile Networks has selected to integrate Vemotion Interactive Video into the Rapid Deployment Unit

North Yorkshire, UK Vemotion Interactive today announced a reciprocal agreement with Private Mobile Networks Ltd whereby the Vemotion Encoders, Streaming Server (VSS) and Video Clients will be integrated into the Private Mobile Networks Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU). The resulting video-enabled RDU will be available to customers through both Private Mobile Networks Ltd and Vemotion Interactive enabling rapid deployment of a remote Encoder and creation of a mobile video network operations centre.

Vemotion enables Remote Video Surveillance by making it possible to transmit quality live video over unmanaged networks using low bandwidth, providing access from many more locations than supported by alternative solutions.

The Vemotion software application empowers the use of security and surveillance equipment by ensuring video traffic is delivered reliably, over even the most challenging network conditions, both to and from remote locations. Vemotion integrates with existing fit-for-purpose infrastructures, such as CCTV cameras, personal surveillance solutions and IT equipment and servers, and is unique in its ability to work with a wide range of third party Remote Video Surveillance hardware.

Private Mobile Networks specialise in the creation of high quality, cost effective and secure private GSM networks. Together, these two technologies can enable a standard mobile phone to be used for both video and voice in environments where limited or no coverage would normally render it useless. This ability to create GSM networks and the transmission of high quality video over these private networks is ideal in both environmentally or economically challenging areas. This makes the solution suited to mining, shipping and tactical deployment situations as well as remote locations.

The Rapid Deployment Unit provides an easy-to-deploy solution providing video and voice communications to and from remote locations such as dam sites, drilling rigs, offshore vessels and remote locations for satellite news broadcasting. The preconfigured nature of the product and its compact integrated solution mean that services can be made available more cost effectively than traditional deployment options.

This addresses the demand for service availability at times of crisis and assists in providing video data for accurate and timely decision making, explained Stewart McCone, Managing Director of Vemotion Interactive Ltd. Video and voice communications can be delivered within the locality without any dependency on the normal fixed line or mobile network services. This will enable swift contact between emergency personnel, avoiding problems due to lack of communications, added McCone.

Deployed in a mobile solution, the Rapid Deployment Unit allows expensive resources to be shared between different locations. Video encoders can be brought to wherever needed and sited at known areas of interest, such as fly tipping sites, sharing costs and limited resources between key sites and providing secure links back to central personnel and facilities.

About Vemotion
Vemotion provides interactive high-quality, live and pre-recorded video streaming addressing needs such as IPTV, hosted mobile portals and live-event coverage. Users of solutions encompassing Vemotion technology include Channel 4 and Big Brother 5.

About Private Mobile Networks (PMN)
Private Mobile Networks provides private GSM network solutions for a variety of deployment scenarios including: in building coverage, remote sites, GSM infill situations and rapid deployment applications. PMN offers a viable alternative to DECT and PMR for in-building solutions and delivers fixed mobile convergence solutions to business users.

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