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Press Release: July 22, 2020

The purpose of starting this site was because we knew as car owners, that there just wasn’t much detailing and ease of reading for the reports that other car check sites were generating. So we decided on creating a car check portal that would serve the people better, at more affordable rates, and better-detailed reports. We love making things simple, it took a considerable time for our team of experts to analyze the data required by car owners and the problems they face. We hope to keep improving the user experience by adding relevant car check details and by improving the User Interaction of our beloved customers. We don’t take much information from you and you are free to check the free report as many times as you may need, along with the free checks, we also provide Prime Check Report and Pro Check Report which contains plentiful data for you to read upon and analyze, before buying a used car. From all the factors required, such as outstanding finance, mileage anomaly checking, MOT History, Car Valuation, etc., we present all details in a clean manner for you to understand and comprehend clearly.

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