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Van Ecker/Couder & Associates Announce New Appointments of TEG

Press Release: August 12, 2015

The Board of Van Ecker/Couder & Associates (VECA) is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to the VECA Technical Expert Group (TEG).

The VECA TEG plays a central role in providing technical advice to the VECA Board. In doing so, VECA TEG provides its own professional judgment, arguments and technical analysis based on its technical expertise and on VECA’s due process.

VECA welcomes as new VECA TEG members: Frederick Vermuelen, Marie Willems, Marc Verhoeven and, as of 1 September, Lee Thomas (Hong Kong).

Van Ecker/Couder & Associates would like to express its gratitude to Philippe Leclercq, who wishes to step down on 1 September 2015 after having contributed his expertise for more than seven years.

Peter Geerts, CEO at Van Ecker/Couder, welcomed the new members of VECA’s Technical Expert Group:
“We were very impressed with the large number and quality of the applications for VECA TEG membership. We look forward to the valuable input of the new TEG members.”

Peter commented further:
“I am very pleased to welcome Marie Willems, Frederick Vermuelen and Marc Verhoeven who will bring a wide range of expertise, industry knowledge and practical experience of added value to Van Ecker/Couder & Associates. On behalf of VECA TEG, I wish to express gratitude to Philippe Leclercq for bringing to us, beyond his expertise, the thoroughness of his analyses and insights in Central Europe specificities.”

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