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Van/Ecker Couder and Associates Announces Business and Sales Expansion

Press Release: July 20, 2016

Van/Ecker Couder and Associates Announces Recruitment of Trading Advisors and Creation of More Trading Desk Offices.

"The global financial crisis has driven investors and traders to embrace a new trading perspective towards their investment philosophies," said Mr. Peter Geerts, CEO of Van/Ecker Couder and Associates.

"With the market trend of flight to quality, Van/Ecker Couder and Associates is determined and well-positioned to seize rare opportunities in the ever-evolving marketplaces. We are committed to increasing our business by educating and refining local and international business leadership as we believe that this global expansion and initiative will be our great asset and development to our presence worldwide," added Mr. Geerts.

Van/Ecker Couder and Associates covers some major market sectors in the alternative markets and is also one of the top-notch and premier service providers for the institutional trader worldwide.

According to its initial plan, Van/Ecker Couder and Associates will be prioritizing the opening of their trading desk offices which will be located in London, UK. This office will be another addition to the numerous trading offices they currently operate from.

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