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Valuations Offering Property Valuation through Mobile App

Press Release: October 05, 2017

Valuations announced the release of the first official property evaluations mobile app.

September 18, 2017, United Kingdom – One of UK’s most trusted and experienced property valuation company announced the launch of their first official mobile app a couple of weeks earlier. Now, the app is available to the Android and iOS users. Once installed, it can estimate the property values in a new, smart way.

“Our new mobile app is now available for the users who just need to download it from Google or the Apple store, free of cost,” says the company representative. This application is a freeware app that supports all the recent mobile devices. People can now have their property values estimated even on the move, the company representative added.

Valuations remains very focused towards the satisfaction and convenience of their clients. After their website, now the mobile app is a perfect example of it for the people who want to know the estimated value of property in a fast and freeway. This new app will actually bring the faster results to the users in a better, convenient way.

According to the company representative, the design of the app is extremely user-friendly. “If you ask the app, what is the current property value of my home, and then all you need is to enter your home information in the corresponding fields, and the result will be on your screen,” says the company representative.

“The app is designed to be so perfect, so that when you ask it, what’s the estimated value of my house, you will get the most authentic results almost instantaneously”, the company representative said. The developers have worked so hard to ensure a perfect result that we demanded, and we really like the effort that they put into it, the company representative added.

While the app answers the questions, like what is the current value of my property, there are also many other useful tools and features available. For instance, the app will also provide some recommendations on how the property owner can increase its current value. The app will highlight the weaker areas of the property, and the offer suggestions according to that.

Looking at the app features, it becomes clearer that the app will be a game changer in the property valuation market. It has, in fact, simplified concerns like how to estimate my house value in the most convenient manner. Navigating from one feature to another in the app is also smooth and fast that is a perfect build quality.

Valuations.co.uk is a well-known property evaluation firm in the United Kingdom that always tries to come up with new and positive solutions for their clients. It is actually the high levels of customer service and the service quality that makes the company one of the leading property valuation firms in the UK. For further information about the company or their services, you can also visit their website.

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