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Valiprod launches a series of seasonal app updates and explains the value of this step for a young startup.

Press Release: December 21, 2016

The importance of frequent updates is widely acknowledged in the mobile dev community. However, the seasonal updates are often glossed over as insignificant, when in reality those have a potential to skyrocket user acquisition, attract new users as well as to increase your market presence drastically.

This year the young Game Studio Valiprod shares their 2016 Holiday Season strategy and some of the startup’s insights on the matter.

Valiprod Game Studio was established in 2014 by three millenials, passionate about mobile tech and the evergrowing world of digital. Valiprod quickly developed into an autonomous entity and in September 2016 came out into the spotlight with their own brand and vision. Now it is a fast-growing international startup specializing in indie games for iOS and Android platforms.

For this article Valiprod is showing off 2 of their apps to underline the importance of a seasonal marketing as part of a PR strategy for young companies and startups. The apps are Impossible Choices - an app based on a party game Would You Rather offering players dilemmas (or conundrums), and Truth or Dare Family - an app version of a famous party game of the same name. Both those apps went through a process of a “Christmas” update for the Holiday Season of 2016.

Valentin Collin, the CEO and the co-founder of Valiprod states, “We experiment with all sorts of growth-marketing so naturally we wanted to optimise our apps for the biggest holiday of the year and the results are already showing.” Indeed, by simply updating the meta info for App Store and Google Play, adding Christmas-themed content in small quantities and editing the app description, you can reach new goals for your apps.

For Impossible Choices the total of downloads increased by 32% in the 2 weeks following the update and for Truth or Dare the average number of downloads increased by 51% 10 days after the Christmas update.

In addition, the upgrades positively affected the communication between the startup and users who are more likely to leave a review and/or a rating for an app that is following the trends and shows flexibility with the improvement of the apps matching them with the current mood of the market.

It is important to keep in mind the targeted demographics associated with a certain holiday and or season, i.e. updating kids-friendly and family apps will bring the most ROI for Christmas.

So decorate your Christmas tree, get presents for your loved ones and remember to bring a bit of Christmas joy to your users too!

Additional info on Valiprod and their apps can be found on the official Valiprod website and the SM pages:
URL: http://valiprod.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valiprod/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/valiprod

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