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Valiant Recovery to Give Away Two Free Admissions for Addiction Treatment.

Press Release: July 25, 2019

Valiant Recovery Inc. today announced that in recognition of their 10th Anniversary, they are offering Two Free full 30 day Addiction Treatment Programs. Valiant Recovery has a mandate to see Addiction Reduced and Families Restored.

“Over the last 10 years, we have seen hundreds of Families Restored from the grip of addiction”, says Royce Dockrill, CEO at Valiant Recovery Inc. “We wanted to give this same opportunity to two Families, who might not otherwise have access to a Private Rehab program.”

Having experienced the devastation from the Opiate Epidemic (in both their Kelowna, BC and Ottawa, Ontario locations) they have developed specific Programs for addressing the needs of individuals fighting Opiate Addiction. Their individualized treatment approach is unique in Canada.

“As Professionals in the field of Addiction, we know that the only solution to this crisis is Addiction Treatment,” Dockrill said. “when we can address the underlying root causes for each individual person, we discover the Keys to unlocking the chains of their Addiction .”

Valiant Recovery is a Private residential treatment program for addictions and mental health. They receive no financial support from the Canadian Government. Because of this, they have to turn away families all the time solely because of the lack of funding. In an effort to help some of these families, Valiant Recovery is hosting an Essay Contest. The top Male and Female submission with receive a Full 30 Day Residential Treatment Program for free.

To enter the Contest, Entrants must visit https://www.valiantrecovery.com/giveaway/enter-to-win/
Then submit a compelling story about themselves or a loved one, explaining why they need treatment, including a bit of background to their story. Visitors will vote for the story they believe is the most deserving. This campaign will help to raise awareness to the deep need for Recovery solutions in Canada. Giving a voice to those families struggling in silence, knowing addiction can strike anyone from any walk of life.

“We are excited to be able to give back and help these families in need”, Dockrill said. “We wish we could help more families, but without Government support, treatment costs are very high”

In Canada, the addiction treatment field needs more direct funding from the Government of Canada. Parliament needs to relook where they are allocating current resources and consider moving funding to real solutions, like Addiction Treatment. Safe Injection facilities and Wet Sober Livings save lives, but they aren't a solution.

There are also many great MAT (Medication Assisted Therapies) available, some of which the Government has blocked access to in Canada. Vivitrol is one of those medications, it is a 30 day injectable. It completely blocks opiate receptors making the user unable to get a high from opiates. It also works for alcohol.

“We have had a few Clients, who might still be alive today if Vivitrol was made readily available in Canada”, Dockrill Stated.

About Valiant Recovery Inc.
Valiant Recovery started 10 years ago in Kelowna BC. Since then, they have expanded their Kelowna Campus to include a separate Men’s and Women’s Program in addition to the Co-Ed Campus. In 2017, they made the decision to expand into Ottawa, Ontario, and have also purchased a new location in Punta Gorda, Florida. They are passionate about Recovery, seeing Families healed and restored. They know there is hope for anyone struggling with addiction. They are dedicated to spreading the message that “Recovery is Possible”. The Caring Compassionate setting at Valiant Recovery is the ideal environment to foster healing.

Royce Dockrill
Valiant Recovery Inc
116-7841 Hwy97n
Kelowna BC, Canada.


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