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Valentines Gifts To Get You In The Good Books

Press Release: January 18, 2010

After a long and expensive Christmas, the last thing you men want to do is go shopping again. You braved the high street crowds late afternoon on Christmas Eve and what thanks do you get for your thoughtful gift choices? None! Youre finding it difficult to understand why the new kitchen apron and pair of glittery washing up gloves didnt put a smile on your leading ladys face. If this sounds anything like you, then you have a lot to learn! Women want to be flattered, to be pampered and overall to be treated like a queen so take some advice from Find Me A Gift for perfect Valentines gifts this year. We can guarantee youll be back in the good books in no time!

Contrary to popular male belief, a womans place is not necessarily in the kitchen! Why not treat her to a sexy culinary surprise by making a special Valentines meal for her? You dont have to be Jamie Oliver to create a romantic meal, simply get your hands on Find Me A Gifts Heart Shaped Pasta and use the Internet to find an easy yet yummy pasta sauce recipe. Okay, you could just buy a jar of pasta sauce from the supermarket but make sure you hide the evidence! The Heart Shaped Pasta is a 250g packet of heart shaped pasta pieces and the best part about it? It only takes around 5-7 minutes to cook! Add some candles to the dining table, a slushy love song CD and cook her a delicious meal wearing nothing but a smile. Her bad mood will be thrown out with the leftovers!

Now all women like to be pampered, whether its a nice hot bath and a tub of ice cream or simply a night in front of the tele in her dressing gown. Why not give her a little you time and melt her mood with the Hot Stone Massage Spa Hot Rocks? This little bag of relaxation contains everything you need for a full, sensual massage. Hot Stone Massages are used worldwide as a natural remedy for aches, pains, depression and insomnia. Simply places the stones inside their pouch in boiling water to warm them up then place the stones on your loved ones back, shoulders, feet and hands! Not only will she be amazed by your imagination, youre sure to break through the bad mood barrier!

After such a relaxing night, itd be a bad move to try and slip her into something a little more comfortable wouldnt it? Not if you had the Slanket in mind. This super fleecy blanket with sleeves is the latest craze to sweep the nation! Available in 13 colours, the Slanket is the ultimate attire for a cosy night in. No one likes snuggling on the sofa under a blanket when every time you reach for your cup of tea an icy waft of air attacks your midriff. Pamper your princess with this super cosy blanket with sleeves. The Slanket is machine washable so it doesnt matter how much chocolate your little love muffin spills down the front of it! Just make sure youre on hand throughout Eastenders to pass her hot beverage over when she simply cant reach it herself!

Dont suffer in silence after your mix up with the perfect Christmas gift; turn things around with some of the best Valentines Day gifts for her from Find Me A Gift.

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