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Val-U-Computers Provides Cheap Laptop Alternatives for a Faction of the New Cost.

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Norfolk, UK (01/03/2010) - The refurbished laptops Val-U-Computers sells via its webpage are not high-powered graphics machines capable of running the latest games or graphics applications. Instead, each cheap laptop offered by Val-U-Computers is aimed at those who are looking for a computer to do basic word processing, check email, and visit websites.

Many customers do not need high powered computers if they are simply looking to do basic tasks. The refurbished laptops offered by Val-U-Computers provide enough computing power to run basic programs and games. They are also internet-ready and can be used to surf the web and access sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. Many of the refurbished laptops offered by Val-U-Computers are in a near-new condition and feature enough computing power to run the programs most basic computer users, college students, and even small business owners need.

One of the core values of the company is that it is not necessary for someone to spend a large amount of money on a computer just to use the internet and do basic tasks. With this in mind, Val-U-Computers offer basic laptops for as low as £150. Few of their products are priced at over £300. Many have been discounted to a fraction of their original cost because they have been refurbished and can no longer be offered at the standard factory price. Laptops are generally received within five days, and the company offers a 14 day money back guarantee.

I am delighted with my purchase from Val-U-Computers, writes Anna G in her testimonial. I bought a dell laptop and was very impressed by the speedy delivery and the clear and concise instructions in the manual. Carol C, another satisfied customer, says that I did have reservations about buying blindly over the internet but I have to say that Val-U-Computers have not disappointed us. I will confidently recommend the company in the future and would buy from them again.

In addition to their cheap laptop prices, Val-U-Computers offers discounts to both students and to those who want to buy in bulk. A Val-U-Computers representative points out that most computer companies that offer discounts on their laptops will provide further discounts. Val-U-Computers recognize that out of all computer users, students are the ones who often have little to no extra money to spend on their laptops. But they are certainly one group of computer users who need their computers their most. We try to do everything we can to make certain students can afford a great laptop without worrying about spending too much.

Val-U-Computers is a family run business that has been in operation since 1993. With an emphasis on personal computer service and customer satisfaction, Val-U-Computers provides cheap and refurbished laptops. In addition to a large selection of refurbished laptops, Val-U-Computers also offers computer parts such as memory, accessories, batteries, and hard drives. More information can be found at www.val-u-computers.co.uk.

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