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UVC Disinfection Robot in Milan Malpensa Airport

Press Release: June 10, 2020

Keenon Robotics  Press Release

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Meet the disinfection robot killing coronavirus in Milan Airport
Governments and businesses are discovering disinfection solutions to slow down the spread of coronavirus and help business to reopen,  Milan Airport is one of them.

A video captured a robot is spraying chemicals and doing UV disinfection in the check-in areas of Milan Airport. The airport is not busy as usual, which attracts lots of attentions to this moving object with a string of mist when it operates. Besides spraying hydrogen peroxide, the robot also releases music and audios for people to notice and give ways for disinfection.

The robot is clinically proven to kill viruses, bacteria and harmful germs, and does so in a much shorter time compared to usual cleaning methods. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies including UVC sterilization lamps, the robot can disinfect with chemical in normal time and use UV when there are less people around in the airport. It saves lots of time for the airport staffs and give confidence to the passengers who is traveling during this  timing.

The developer is Keenon Robotics, a new and innovative high-end robotics company that sets the bar, allowing companies to reopen in China. “Same models of disinfection robots are applied in hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping malls and company offices across Asia.” said Simi Wang, the global director of Keenon.

In the following months, the robots are expected to have presence in US, Canada, France, UK, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia…etc.

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