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Used Caravans Top Tips for Purchasing a Second Hand Caravan

Press Release: December 18, 2009

The high-tech modern features of a brand new caravan make the expense of buying a new caravan very extreme. That is why so many people look towards used caravans as a realistic, cost-effective alternative. You can buy a used caravan through a private seller or a dealership. However both scenarios require buyers to go through the same checks to ensure they make the right choice.

As most used caravans are taken on the road, the most vital task is to ensure the caravan is safe for towing and therefore worthy of purchase. Used caravans contain electric and gas systems for various essential appliances and it is important to note whether these systems have been recently tested.

As with buying a car, buyers should make sure that they read the service history of the vehicle and a log of any repairs that have needed to be made over the course of time. Although the exterior of a used caravan may look acceptable at first glance, there are ways and means of spotting signs of wear and tear. Signs of bubbles and holes in the exterior reveal the glue that has been used in a repair job that often rots the aluminium frames from the inside.

Although the interior of a used caravan is understandably important, ensuring the roofing and tyres are safe and secure is just as essential. Interior redesigns are possible for a used caravan; therefore buyers should not be put off by dodgy dcor if the exterior and size of a used caravan meets your requirements.
If your used caravan is safe for towing, it is also best to make sure that it is light enough to be towed with your car. It is a legal requirement to ensure that your vehicle can support and tow the weight and size of the used caravan of your choice.

Greentrees Adventure Store stock many fantastic used caravans from a wide range of leading brands including Abbey, Swift, Bailey & Elddis. These used caravans are perfect for those who want to make a great investment into their leisure time, but are shopping on a budget.

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