Home Use Deccon for all your specialist flooring needs from polished concrete to car park decking

Use Deccon for all your specialist flooring needs from polished concrete to car park decking

Press Release: February 04, 2010

Welcome to Deccon, your home for specialized flooring. We make no apologies for in our confidence of claiming that we are masters of the flooring sector and are here to provide you total flooring service.

From polished concrete and car park decking for safe and wonderful car parks to ultra hygienic seamless terrazzo floors for pharmaceutical plants, we can do it all! Our skills are as vast and varied as the many sectors we serve and no matter what sector you are in, we will have beautiful solutions to all of your flooring needs.

Are you looking for something durable to last the life of your building yet still very attractive? For a top-notch floor packed with brilliant shine to last decades with a price so low it's unbelievable, we would like to suggest polished concrete. Concrete polishing has all the luster of one of our resin floors for just fractions of the cost. It's durable, requires little upkeep, and greatly improves the appearance of a space. Not only that, it is also dust free, ecologically sound, and slip-resistant for a safe, green shine you, your customers, and the Earth will all appreciate.

Our concrete polishing service goes in to your building and uses coarse diamond grinding with our planterary 4 headed grinding machines to remove weak surface laitenance from the concrete and expose aggregates hidden in your floor's surface. From there we bring out finer diamonds to remove all the little scratches and nicks until your floor is smooth. Once everything has been smoothed out, we densify your floor through our special impregnation process using the Ashford Formula.

Once the floor's density has been brought up to remove any tiny unseen holes, we polish it even further with finer and finer diamonds. Finally we finish your brand new floor off with full vitrification using phenolic diamonds producing up to a 3000 grit polished finish full of shine to last a lifetime.

Are you looking for a better, safer alternative to concrete or asphalt for your car park? Then please try our car park decking! Our car park decking is created using the very latest in urethane, epoxy and MMA technologies Deccon has to offer and is specially designed to match each and every project perfectly. From low temperature fast curing systems to fully elastomeric systems Decon can do it all, so leave your new build, refurbishment and waterproofing of multi story car parks and underground parking garages to us for fantastic results.

Our car park decking services include removal of existing systems, surface preparation, full waterproofing systems, intermediates decking systems, anti carbonation coatings, line marking, installation of Joints and joint and concrete repairs to get your car park deck into top shape. Our car park decking is highly decorative yet lightweight and non-slip, solvent free, UV stable, resistant to oil, diesel and petrol, and conforms to the highest standards of fire resistance for extra safety making Deccon car park decking the very best in the field.

Our other products are equally fantastic so please look around and read our offers. You won't be disappointed!

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Deccon is a UK based flooring company specializing in specialized floors for businesses, schools, warehouses and more. We pride ourselves in technologically advanced quality flooring and try out best to provide you with both excellent and environmentally sound flooring options for your flooring needs.

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