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US Singer-Songwriter Mike Wojniak Plays European Gigs

Press Release: September 08, 2015

Hollywood,CA September 07, 2015 – US Singer-Songwriter Mike Wojniak, will play 6 dates in September 2015 across Europe.

September - 08 Amsterdam, CC Muziekcafe
September - 10 Amsterdam, Skek
September - 18 Glasgow, The Scotia Bar
September - 20 Shropshire, Quatt Hall
September - 26 Shropshire, Six Bells Brewery
September - 27 Shropshire, House Show

Wojniak is an San Diego-based singer-songwriter who has been praised for his aesthetic style, his dramatic imagery and his "heart-on-the-sleeve" approach to

songwriting; intricate compositions that have airy melodies and auspicious lyrics. He has been hailed as a poet, a relevant and powerful voice and an amiable storyteller.

Wojniak's prolific personality is spurred by his passsion for travel and conversation. His music is influenced by the places he visits, and the people he

encounters on his journeys across Europe, Central America and the United States. He is at his finest when composing and performing (and even teaching, as he did at Atelier Favela Nicaragua), while on the road.

His new EP, ‘ Anima Mundi’, builds on Wojniak’s previous albums: Libero (2012), Memento Vivere (2010), and Follow the Crane (2008)—LPs that explore the complex themes of life, love and relationships.

Mike Wojniak - http://www.mikewojniak.com

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