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Press Release: May 28, 2019

Mrs. Sarah Hussain is a private consultant London gynaecologist offers a comprehensive service for women of all ages who suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence and prolapse of the genital organs. This service works in tandem with the Gynaecology service.

Sarah Hussain also offers reconstructive and pelvic floor surgery. The conditions these services specialize in:

Pelvic floor disorders involving prolapse and bladder dysfunction
Urinary incontinence
Overactive bladder syndrome
Repeated urinary tract infections
Pelvic floor and perineal disorders
Minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery
Mesh-related issues
Treatments and Examinations

Your first appointment will include several questions to make the extent of the problem. An internal exam may be performed with full acquiescence. History gathering and analysis is performed in comfortable bespoke clinics.

State of the art urodynamic probes allows treatment which is tailored to your requirements. If there is imagined to be a bladder problem, urodynamics examinations may be done by a specialist nurse. A toilet connected to a computer is used to how well your bladder is working.

Feasible treatments include pelvic floor exercises, bladder and bowel training, taken out by the physiotherapist and clinical specialist either on an individual basis. There are several different medications, and in some cases, surgery may provide the solution to your problem.

Private Urogynecologist Mrs. Sarah Hussain works under the modern facility in a hospital to fulfill the best surgical and medical care to patients, no matter what your healing problems.

London Gynaecologist Mrs. Sarah Hussain is one of the top Urogynaecology in UK who handles all the problems related to urogynaecology and pelvic floor problems under ultra modern facilities. Contact us @ 0207 616 7693

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