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Urban Drainage Experts Richard Allitt Associates wins place on £49 mn Severn Trent Water AMP6 Sewerage Management team

Press Release: August 17, 2015

Richard Allitt Associates Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to Severn Trent Water’s AMP6 Sewerage Management team. This contract, which is worth up to £49 million, is for a range of consultancy services during AMP6 including network modelling and analysis for urban and rural catchment areas, hydraulic model maintenance and Integrated Urban Drainage studies within the Severn Trent area. Richard Allitt Associates has been part of this key team for over 10 years and is delighted to be continuing its association with this market leading client.
Managing Director Richard Allitt commented: “We are delighted to have been appointed by Severn Trent to deliver this major AMP6 contract, and are excited to be building on the work we have undertaken in previous AMP periods.
We’ve developed a successful long term relationship with Severn Trent Water and this appointment confirms our role as a leading provider of hydraulic modelling and innovative solutions for the urban drainage industry.”

About Richard Allitt Associates Ltd:
Established in 1996, Richard Allitt Associates is a leading provider of hydraulic modelling & flood risk consultancy for the urban drainage industry. We operate nationally & specialise in hydraulic modelling, drainage design and flood mitigation services for a range of sectors including water companies, the property sector, local authorities and the legal profession.
We are an advocate of sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS) and have partnered with Susdrain to support their implementation.
Our aim is to resolve flooding problems in the urban environment using the latest analytical techniques. Our innovative approach led us to develop a UAV remote aerial survey service for a range of uses to deliver environmental monitoring and mapping of the highest quality. We have used our industry expertise to develop these UAV services for flood management and other water industry requirements e.g. dam inspections.

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