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Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends

Press Release: April 17, 2020

London – Web application development leader Web Choice has invited prospective clients to an in-depth conversation about current trends taking form in the UK mobile app development space. The award-winning agency has covered the relevance of blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, AI and chatbots elsewhere. However, we predict that more business owners will be curious to experiment in new fields such as cloud-based apps, M-commerce, cross-platform development and low code development.

Cloud-based mobile apps enhance storage capabilities and help to boost productivity and collaboration. Furthermore, a majority of mobile apps with larger databases use the Amazon Web Service (AWS) as cloud computing backup. As for M-commerce, more purchases are taking place online, with Apple Pay and Google Wallet luring shoppers over to their smartphones instead of debit and credit cards. Many retail and ecommerce businesses today favour apps that enable customers to shop easily and carry out transactions without use of cash or physical cards.

Cross-platform will become increasingly popular in the web application development space. This term refers to the creation of apps that can be operated on multiple mobile platforms. Developers reckon that it should help to slash the time-to-market and overall development cost for organisations. Finally, many experts in the UK mobile app development space are curious about the possibilities presented by low code development, as it helps to remove the need for extensive manual coding - thus reducing the overall complexity of development.

Low-code platforms empower businesses to scale their applications with relative ease as their sales continue to grow. Appian, OutSystems, Google App Builder, Zoho Creator and Kissflow are some examples of this type of platform, but it’s a fast-expanding stable. It’s worth noting that there are close to 2.5 million apps available now on Google Play. If you want to stand out from the crowd and offer something extra to your customers, please get in touch with Web Choice today – we’ll show you how we can get you there.

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